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Therapy for Individuals and Families

The therapy staff at Woodbridge Therapy Group is knowledgeable about how to effectively help those in need of mental health services. Whether you’re looking for help with a relationship, mental illness, or recovery from the stress you feel inside yourself, we provide a safe space where you are free to open up without judgment.

Services We Offer Include, but Are Not Limited To:


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Psychological Evaluations and Testing
Woodbridge Therapy Group offers psychological evaluations to assist individuals and, in many cases, their treating therapists and medical physicians in clarifying diagnoses, gaining insight into the severity of a certain condition, gaining a better understanding of an individual’s everyday functioning, and treatment recommendations. Testing involves the use of a variety of standardized tests to gain information regarding underlying emotional, social, and behavioral patterns, as well as cognitive skills, executive functioning abilities, and other mechanisms that may be impacting your functioning. This can be especially helpful when individuals and/or their treating clinicians are feeling stuck and need additional information to determine how to proceed.

The Testing Process

Evaluations begin with an intake appointment with one of our psychologists to discuss your concerns and what type of testing will be appropriate. You will return on another date to complete psychological testing, which is typically conducted over one, two, or three sessions as needed, each lasting approximately two hours. Breaks are given as needed. During this time, a variety of tests and behavior and emotional rating scales are administered. With your consent, the evaluator may also speak with partners, parents, teachers, and other treatment providers to gather their impressions.

Once all testing has been completed, a feedback session will be scheduled at a later date. During the feedback session, the evaluator will discuss the test results, provide diagnostic impressions, and provide recommendations to help improve any areas of difficulty and support your overall wellbeing. The evaluator will also provide a detailed report of the testing results that you may choose to share with work, school, or other treatment providers.

Individual Counseling
When you come in for individual counseling, we will address your individual concerns in private sessions. We see patients from a young age through geriatric. It is our goal to provide you with an open, supportive, safe environment where we can discuss any issues you are facing.
Couples Counseling
If you and your significant other are dealing with issues, come in for couples counseling. A counselor will listen to your concerns in private sessions and provide non-judgmental suggestions on how to handle these issues together. We welcome all types of couples!
Family Counseling
With family counseling, usually at least two family members are participating during the session. During a session, the group addresses both individual and shared family concerns and issues. It is not uncommon for families to come to us for counseling after a major change has occurred within the household – including new parenting, loss of a family member, children with behavioral issues, empty nest, and more.
Stress Management Classes
During our stress management classes, we help individuals analyze the roots of their stress and teach them techniques that will help to relieve it. By having insight into what exactly is the cause of their stress, our counselors can help with removal of the stressful situation or cause, while also helping the individual look at different ways to adapt to the stress. In the fast-paced world we live in, stress management classes help to ease tensions and allow our clients to live more comfortably.
Anger Management
If you’re dealing with anger issues, anger management services with a trained professional can help you learn to control your temper and remain calm when your anger level elevates. Together with your counselor, you will get to the root of what is causing your anger, analyze it, and work on eliminating the cause.
Group Therapy

Woodbridge Therapy Group offers group therapy services. Group therapy offers unrelated participants the opportunity to explore personal issues, gain a higher awareness of the feelings of others, and try new ways of relating with others in a safe, confidential environment. During group therapy, you will never be forced to talk. We allow you to be in control of what you share and how much you feel like sharing. You are encouraged to do so at your own pace.

Mindful Connections

Mindful Connections is a psychoeducational group designed to help our clients with learning ways to manage their feelings and improve behaviors as well as interaction in school and at home.

Mindful Connections Flyer

Benefits of this group include:

  • Improved general behavior (interpersonal relationships) within the community
    Enhancing one’s social skills (interpersonal interaction and communication)
  • Improved personal skills (engaging in leisure activities, living skills, and vocational activities).
  • Improved relationships as reported by family members and friends.
  • Participants are more apt to learn positive skills after sharing personal issues in the group.
  • Call 703-497-1771 for availability.

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This group is designed to support high-school-aged girls through a variety of common issues. It helps teen girls connect with others who have gone through similar experiences, learn ways to best navigate the situation, help support others, and provides a space where teen girls can learn that they are not alone in their experience.

C.L.I.C.S. Flyer

The group objectives are:

C reate awareness for the issues facing teen girls
L earn coping strategies
I mprove positive self-esteem
C ommunicate
S upport each other

Call 703-497-1771 for group availability.

Safe Zone

SAFE Zone Flyer

Call 703-497-1771 for group info and availability.

Stay Cool Group Anger Management
Calm, Cool, Collected Teen Anger Management Group
TIY (Trauma-Informed Yoga) Group
Trauma-Informed Yoga is an instructor-led group designed to help adults who have experienced traumatic and impactful life events develop internal resources and coping skills to manage their symptoms. This practice is designed to help improve grounding and mindfulness while developing safety and a connection to your body. Research has shown that healing from trauma is significantly helped by developing a mind-body connection, and our guided classes invite students to experience breath and movement at their own pace. Each class will include breathing and yoga poses accessible to all in a safe, calming atmosphere. Class space is limited; please call our office to reserve your spot.

TIY Class Flyer

Pathways to Healing
Pathways to Healing is a therapist-led group for Veterans or Civilians (two groups) designed to help people who have experienced stressful and difficult situations in their lives learn coping skills to move beyond these events and live full, healthy lives. Group members will learn coping skills such as mindfulness, grounding, and acceptance while addressing difficulties in interpersonal relationships, self-esteem, forgiveness of self and others, and daily living skills. This group is a “closed” group (members will not be added after the start date) but will run in several iterations. Please contact the office for further details.

Pathways to Healing Flyer
Pathways to Healing for Veterans Flyer