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Therapy for Individuals, Couples, & Families

Our Team of Clinicians are effective at supporting individuals struggling with relationships, stress management, anxiety, depression and a varied combination of challenges. Here you can learn techniques and coping strategies to support the outcomes that you work to accomplish in therapy. Below you will find more information on just a few of the services offered.

Confidential Counseling Services

Individual Counseling

In a private session with a qualified professional that has been personally matched with your needs in therapy, you will have the space to explore your therapeutic needs, develop coping strategies, practice communication skills, and be given feedback on your therapeutic progress.

Group Counseling

With small group sessions, each member of the group gains a deeper understanding of various coping strategies and communication skills, and a better understanding of the impact of awareness of self and others as part of therapeutic growth. In most cases, group sessions are a supplement to further enhance the rate of therapeutic progress towards healing and wholeness happens for each individual in the group. Group therapy sessions are designed with a supportive, psychoeducational experience to explore improved self-esteem and confidence. One of our most popular groups is Social Strides for Adolescents.

Couples Counseling

Dating, Premarital, or Married for decades, we work to support the deeper understanding of self and one’s partner. To improve the communication and intimacy in the relations by exploring underlying challenges. The goal is to improve the companionship and strength of the relationship bond so that everyone experiences a happy relationship with healthy boundaries and feels supported. It is our goal to connect you with a Clinician who is able to affirm your cultural and lifestyle identity. We welcome all types of couples.

Family Counseling

Family life consist of many adjustments over time, and therapy is available to help each member of the family gain the self-awareness and understanding of the impact of family systems on how each family member deals with change, whether it is the normal stages of development, or sudden changes due to health challenges, mental illness, divorce, grief, relocation, and many other challenges that a family or its individual members may face.

Psychological Assessments

We are trained and experienced in using various standardized tests to help you better understand emotional, social, and behavioral patterns. There are assessments available to examine cognitive development, cognitive skills, executive functioning abilities, and other factors that may impact an individual. Psychological testing can provide the insight needed to determine how best to treat the needs of the individual. We provide testing for school-age children, adults, and seniors.


In the busy and fast-paced world, where you don’t have to commute to therapy, but can meet with your Clinician for therapy sessions from the comfort of your home with the confidence of privacy and confidentiality. We use HiPAA-compliant platform connections to video livestream. Thanks to the world of technology, the internet, and wifi service, you have the option to meet with a therapist in person, in the office, or to meet using telehealth. Clients will be asked about their preference to meet in person or via telehealth so that you can be matched with a Clinician that meets both your therapeutic needs as well as provides the convenience and setting you are most comfortable with for your therapeutic journey.
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If you are in crisis, please immediately call 911, call the hotline at 1-800-273-TALK (8255), or text “Hello” to 741741 for free 24/7 crisis counseling via text.​

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