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Woodbridge Therapy Group is always actively looking for and interviewing Licensed Virginia Mental Health Providers to join our  established practice. Our psychologists and therapists treat individuals with a wide range of mental illnesses in various types of therapeutic environments, qualifications are verified, background checks are completed, and have notable experience that they are walking in with.


We are also a very proud learning facility with different Memorandums of Understanding with various accredited educational instututions helping with Internship, Externship, and Residency. Several schools we consistently collaborate with are, and are not limited to, Waldon University, George Mason University, Chicago School of Psychology, Capella University, Liberty University, Marymount University, George Washington University, and more. We offer supervision for individuals and recommend voicing your interest or emailing us your resume, school transcript, licensure, and degree if you are interested in joining our team!

We Are Looking For:

Welcoming students of psychology, social work, counseling, and nurse practitioners

WTG is dedicated to the education and development of quality mental health professionals within our community. WTG is very proud of the learning program developed and implemented specifically and especially for our onboarding students and residents. Licensed professionals and clinical supervisors take great care in providing appropriate and motivated support to the students that learn and develop here and often our students become fully licensed providers at the practice. Colleges and the Board frequently pass our students and are impressed with the programming developed and provided at this location. We are very proud of the care we take to provide a positive supportive environment for our interns, externs, and residents and is a big part of our practice. We are also particularly proud that we have such diversity represented within our staff and client populations which can also provide a culturally sensitive, multicultural competent, and supportive environment for our students as well. If you think you would be a good fit, feel free to contact us at Remember to provide your Resume, Transcript, Certifications, and timeline. We would love to have you!

If you are interested in a career with us, call 703-497-1771 or contact us today.