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Telemental Health Services

Telemental health is a type of online therapy, also known as telemedicine, that caters specifically to psychotherapy. You still receive face-to-face therapy, but through a HIPAA-compliant, real-time video conferencing program. This is a great option for those who commute, who live in remote areas, or who have transportation difficulties. Many of the types of psychotherapy that are done in-person can also be done via telemental health. It is a convenient option that enables you to receive the same quality therapeutic experience as you would get from our brick-and-mortar practice. All of our Telemental Health therapists have received additional training specific to distance therapy and are licensed to practice independently on a clinical level. We accept many commercial and private insurances and do the pre-authorization and billing for you.

To engage in Telemental Health Services from Woodbridge Therapy Group, please call our Woodbridge, VA, office at 703-497-1771 or contact us today.